FT-P10 1.5"x1.5" Square Straight High Picket Fence

Straight style, good neighbor vinyl picket fence with 1.5" wide, square pickets. Available heights range from 60" to 72", and standard panel width is 95".


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  •      - Fence panel kit - assembly required
  •      - Works with pre-routed 4x4 posts: line, corner , end, 3-                Ways Post
  •      - Coordinating gates available in 4-ft, 5-ft single gate                 and 10-ft double gate
  •      - Panel features 1.5"x1.5"Picket;
  •      -2"x3.5 Top Hollow  Rail and 2"x3.5"  Rib bottom                      rails
  •      - Bottom Rail Aluminum reinforce included


  Fence Top Style  Picket  Top Top Rail  2"x3.5"x94"(1pc)
Fence Style Picket  fence Bottom Rail  2"x3.5"x94"(1pc)
Actual Panel Height 60" Bottom Aluminum Included
Actual Panel Width 94" Assembly Required Yes
Picket Size 1.5"x1.5"x56.8" Color White
Picket NO. 22pc Primary Material Vinyl
Weight 18.1kgs/39.9 lbs Volume 0.0615CBM

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