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Proudly bringing Fentech fence to all over the word for over 10 years.

As one of the leaders of Vinyl Fence manufacturers in China, Fentech is devoted to supplying top-quality Vinyl fences all over the world. We own twenty production lines of Vinyl fence manufacturing factories with fast production capacity. Fentech has all kinds of Vinyl fence and profiles and also design many creation products by PVC materials. Welcome to contact our head office or our US office directly.

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Corporate purposes

  • Quality

    We design a special formulation by ASTM standard with 10% TiO2 to make sure the fences are UV stable. With QC inspection, process inspection, and finished product inspection departments, we make sure the customer can receive the right products.

  • Creation

    The professional designer team that specializes in creating new products. Besides, OEM & ODM custom services are available.

  • Service

    Most of our sales team with more than 8 years of fence experience can ensure efficient and professional service to you.

High-end PVC Fence

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China Custom PVC Fence Manufacturers and Wholesale Vinyl Fence Factory

,which is a large-scale enterprise specialized in producing various kinds of textile raw materials and medium and high-grade textile fabrics. Founded in 1999, the company has a total asset of ...
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High-end PVC Fence

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High-end PVC Fence


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  • How resistant is vinyl fence to sunlight and UV exposure?

    Vinyl fence are generally resistant to sunlight and UV (ultraviolet) exposure, and they are designed to withstand outdoor conditions over an extended period. However, the degree of resistance can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the vinyl material used and the specific for...

  • How do climate and weather conditions affect the use of vinyl fence?

    Climate and weather conditions can significantly affect the use and performance of vinyl fence. While vinyl fences are generally durable and weather-resistant, extreme or adverse weather conditions can impact their appearance and longevity. Here's how different weather conditions can affect vinyl fe...

  • How does vinyl fence deal with soil conditions and impact resistance?

    Vinyl fence are designed to handle a variety of soil conditions and offer reasonable impact resistance. However, their performance in these areas can be influenced by several factors: Soil Conditions: Vinyl fences can adapt well to different soil conditions, including clay, sandy, or loamy soils. ...